Digital Learning

Digital Learning 

In today’s progressive World it is important to adapt with the technological advancements and strive towards betterment. With effective use of technology digital learning has emerged as the new source for gaining resourceful education. Such platforms provide a wide spectrum of practices and help in creating a hassle free environment. With the help of various digital tools and personalised environment digital learning can result to be a smooth and efficient way of imparting education. 

Learning process that is blended with technology and instructional practices. There are various examples of digital learning such as adaptive learning, blended learning, learning objects and analytics, mobile based learning, implementation of classroom technologies and E-Textbooks. By making an effective use of the technology any education that is nurtured among the students is known as virtual education. Digital learning helps in bringing productivity and efficiency among the students. With a wide variety of digital learning tools and mediums educational strategies are enhanced. Digital learning in schools is crucial for use of high technical and vocational resources. It is a revolution of learning in the classroom through various interactive mediums and a broad range of activities. The instructional practices and blended digital tools ultimately focus on strengthening the capabilities of students using the digital platform. 

Digital learning for students can act as an escape from traditional methods and processes of learning in school. It has the students in increasing the power of critical thinking and growing their reasoning skills effectively. With various technology advancements it gets easy for the students to empower the productivity and developed confidence of learning new things at ease. Digital learning in school helps in optimum utilisation of all the resources available. The only sense of concern in my life for the students in digital learning is cyber safety. With various implementations safety can be looked after. 

Distance learning advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of distance learning: 

  1. One to one learning: The concept of digital learning platforms helps in providing one to one education with accurate speed to the students. The method helps in bridging the gap of learning made due to traditional methods of study. With curriculum based study teachers can also focus on students learning speed and capability to create an interesting class. 
  2. Makes the students smart learners: Digital learning in school is done with the help of various digital tools and technology to make the students learn without barriers. The process helps in empowering their skills and develops positive feelings to search about the resources online. Students aim at finding solutions to their problems on their own and learn to individually grow. 
  3. Range of learning opportunities: Digital learning helps in expanding the sources of learning for the students. With vast opportunities students can easily grasp the concepts and focus on strengthening their course. With its flexibility in location the learning process can be proclaimed without human intervention.
  4. Increased accountability: The digital learning platforms provide a good source for assessment and transparent projection of students’ performance. Digital education system helps in creating an informative and auto generated report portal. With the opportunity to measure performance in detail and understand about various queries students get the best opportunity to browse through researching topics at ease. By overcoming the constant of traditional learning approach digital learning in schools is acting as a boon. 

Disadvantages of digital learning: 

  1. Deal with isolation: With digital learning there may be a situation when students may feel lonely due to minimal social interaction. Then maybe there is a situation when students May not be accustomed to social gathering and lack communication skills. Digital learning in schools can help in nurturing the students with resources but virtual learning may lead to barriers in social interaction. 
  2. Need for self motivation: In digital learning students require self discipline and skill development aim. Time management skills play an important role in increasing the efficiency of the digital learning environment. With a strong self motivation students can easily conquer their prospects and focus on strengthening their main subjects. 
  3. Security and technical issues: There may be a situation when students may be prone to security issues. With proper preventive measures, schools can assure that students get a good cyber safe environment. With technology classes are prone to various technical issues that may obstruct from time to time. Proper additional training should be provided by schools to the teachers for smooth functioning of the virtual classes. 
  4. Increased screen time and gadgets usage: With digital learning in school students are required to use gadgets for learning. The digital learning platforms require increased support and online representation. For accessing the resources and attending classes students will require to sit in front of a mobile or laptop. This will in turn increase the level of screen time of a student.

Measures to have a smooth skilled experience on the digital learning platform:

  1. Empathise: Gaining a deep understanding of a student’s traits and needs is important. Digital learning in school will be accomplished only if they listen, learn, and evolve with empathy to emerge stronger than before. They must continually seek to understand and empathise with students, putting their concern at pace of how you design your work and constantly evolve with experiences. All the challenges and outcomes can make or break a lasting impression as the rulers of Education. Bring in a twist of technological advancements in all the sectors and mode of providing education digitally. The schools need to add robustness, speed, and agility to future workforce in their space. Digital learning platform is an open outlook for customer relationship building and management.
  2. Adaptive: The acute acceleration and promotion of the digital trend refers to the only constant factor that will be needed to continually change. Fast-track transformation digital tools help in bringing experiences and education impartments online. It rapidly creates new ways to reach students and impart knowledge to them. Digital learning in school does have some loopholes at their end but with constant efforts and consistency it can be sorted out.  The existing traditional planning cycles, teams and structures are not built for adaptability thus quick changes should be brought in and are timely in nature. The formation of curriculum should be in such a way that the spatial design has long term solutions for the students. Prioritising digital learning should be the motto and corrective outlook for studies. To create a consistent workforce experience, various educational institutes must replicate the contact centre technology environment at home virtually. There are various factors that affect the adaptability. Factors like the networking, resources and  infrastructures will be unprecedented in time. Schools must be ready and determined to address problems in the distributed network environment that may lead to performance issues and/or outages. Adapting the change is what one must ought to do, then the process is precisely how one should go about the upliftment of the educational sector.
  3. Reinvent: Renewal of focus on student experience to shape the right, collaborative, and agile organisation model for the future will lead to reinvention of strategies and working agenda. Innovation of the new models and efficient usage of resources that can overcome uncertainty by making sure that the team has the right skills and is working on the right path helps. Good initiatives for sustaining the “never normal” should be considered. The new normal is here to stay and virtual education may turn out to be a preferred mode of education soon. One must Prioritise choices that align to the long-term education strategy and innovate solutions that can sustain for the long-term.

Types of digital learning 

  1. Home schooling: An option for schooling that is not that popular in India. Even after being legal in India it is considered as a less explored option. In case parents want to teach their child at home in a free environment they can try homeschooling and benefit from its features. 
  2. Distance learning or online medium: In today’s advancing World online education is considered as the new path towards development. During the pandemic distance learning came to the rescue. With technology advancements there are many features and apps that help in online impartation of education. Education system in India has flourished significantly even during Covid 19 because of the online initiative and spirit instilled. Due to online education various resources and infrastructure are saved. The method is efficient in both human and physical. It helps in balancing the imbalances and promotes a paperless administration system.
  3. Online learning apps: Online learning apps that not only focuses on school going education but also caters the path for competitive exams. There are various platforms like Byju’s, Khan academy, Vedantu, Unacademy etc. Though the courses cannot be availed for free in all these apps. There is a facility for free trial and provision of scholarship programs for students from classes 4 to 12. The app provides real time reports and one can get one-on -one guidance from experts for easy doubt resolution. They provide good support for various competitive exams like IIT, NEET, Bank, CAT, GMAT etc. And are considered to have a huge video library and acts as a not for profit platform.  Through such digital learning platforms the formal learning is processed and more focused strain is put upon the experience learning.

In today’s time there are various digital platforms for providing virtual classroom experience. Platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google meet and Cisco provide a seamless learning environment digitally. Digital learning is the new shift in the educational sector. With good technological advancements now schools are able to provide efficient and skilled knowledge. There is no shortage of resources and all sources are used to its optimum. 

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