How to improve performance of School

How to improve performance of School


Every organisation strives for continuous improvement in terms of quality and benefits. In the education systems it is essential that every organisation commits themselves for continuous quality improvement and integrated contextualised working pattern. The performance of a school is based upon the outcomes of students in academic as well as social and cultural well being. The progress and development of a child fosters the path for school improvement and recognition. 


There are various SIP or school improvement plans made for unique purposes. Such unifying purposes range from documentation goals, action steps and strategies. Such plants are devised for the betterment and to improve the quality of education. By inducing healthy study habits the school tried to overcome the attention deficit or other significant activities that hinders the school performance. Based upon some tricks and tips the school can try to improve the working module and progress. Due to students dramatically feeling there may be a situation of downfall in the academic performance of the school. Thus various strategies should be assigned to boost up the academic performance and create a bright space for education. 


Strategies for improving school performance in India can be termed as a reflection of the demographic situation of the asset. For efficient economic growth and high skill development it is essential to expertise in knowledge and enable requirements for ever changing environments. For important quality education the right ecosystem is very important. Some of the measures that can be taken to improve the ecosystem of the environment are: 

  1. Infrastructure: Every organisation needs to have a good space for providing education. With various facilities available in the school building it gets easy to nurture the students with knowledge. Sanity should be considered as a priority and the building must be clean. One can study skillfully only if a positive environment is provided. A good infrastructure should have spacious classrooms with various gadgets such as lights, fans, furniture and blackboards. In today’s advancing world it will be more than good if the classroom has a digital board in it. The presence of laboratories with required instruments and equipment help in providing practical education to the students. By experiment and learning the students are able to grasp the topics easily. Presence of computers or electronic devices helps the students learn and be in an inviting environment. 
  2. Good extra curricular activities: To sustain the interest of youngsters in school it is essential to have extra curricular activities. Sach activities are also beneficial for the health and development of a child. A good school should have sporting facilities and locations for events. School performance and improvement lies directly related to the benefits that a student receives from a school. With such extra curricular activities the students’ life skills and personality build up. Sach correct ecosystem helps in maintaining and creating a good environment for stress free education. 
  3. Quality level of teaching: For a good school performance and improvement it is essential that the School has equipped teachers with significant experience. Teachers are the main source for ensuring that the students receive proper education and motivation. For continuous improvement it is essential that the quality of teaching also gets better. A good teacher should be able to encourage students to attend the class and support them to grow as an individual. With modern teaching aids and methodology the teachers should take Pride in imparting education to the students. Every school must try to create a stress free environment and for that teachers are responsible to make students comfortable. Strategies for improving school performance can only be put to work if the teachers pertaining to School are skilled and qualified enough. 
  4. Use of technology: In today’s advancing world technology acts as a boon.   Modern technology is constantly striving to improve the learning experience and working model of the educational institute. With the help of technology and paperless classrooms one can enable a seamless infrastructure for school education and the Ed tech World.  With the help of techno savvy incredible advancement it gets easy to manage the paperwork and trace down the responsibilities by digitising the resources. With improved performance it can also eliminate the need for paper based frequent processes. For a smart and easily accomplished task projection use of advanced measures is essential. By enhancing the data process and organisation performance it gets easy to simplify the extensive business model to a considerably sustainable and amplified process. For smooth functioning and properly processed knowledge impartation it is critical that students receive organised and advanced resources. By using technology to its best teachers can help in providing resourceful knowledge to the students. By instilling good study habits and schedules teachers can help the students know more about their work and pattern. 
  5. Friendly atmosphere: It is important to create an atmosphere of smooth communication but teachers must consider that they should not be talking about their personal life with the students. To help the students Excel it is important for the Teachers to know about their life but they must not reciprocate it. Teachers must not be talking about personal matters related to the learning process and development of the child as it can be considered as an unprofessional and unethical activity.  There may be a circumstance when students will disagree with the analysis or advice that you provide but you must handle the situation effectively. You may try to be a little subtle and not be rude or Unprofessional. Teachers must respect the opinion of the student and work for the validity of advice. A calm and composed atmosphere should be provided to the students for their effective growth and development. With strategic planning and formulation of motive teachers can help in improving the academic performance of a student. With topics of interest to the student, teachers can give examples and make the learning process easy. The approach of lovable subjects induced in boring subjects help in completion of chapters and correct full guidance to the students. In case when students are not interested in studying a subject this step for improving student performance can come at rescue. All sources of communication and working should be in the line of limit for a comfortable stress free environment. In today’s time it is prevalent that many students face mental health issues thus School must try to eliminate the issues and let healthy conditions develop. 

There are a variety of tools for improving school performance present in the education system. 

  1. National school improvement tool: The tool that connects nine interrelated domains focusing on individual School practices and observations. On the basis of need for improvement various domains are assessed and schools try to give priority considering the level of urgency. 
  2. Principal performance improvement tool: For a smooth walking environment School leadership is very important. The tool provides a framework to principles for enhancing the leadership practices and work on interrelated domains. The tool collects current performance evidence and generates a plan for improvement accordingly. 
  3. Education system improvement tool: The tool is beneficial for creating impactful practices based upon current focus and channel of delegation. It will focus on student learning and well being based upon six interrelated domains. For enhancement of school performance and improvement in the education system this tool comes to rescue. 

Performance based learning environment helps in high order thinking skills and ability to embrace the real world situations. Teachers must try to make students ready to face practical problems rather than solving textual questions. The gold directed actions based upon skills like motor, process and social interaction helps in engaging skillfully in daily life working. With various ways to improve academic performance it is easy for the school to enable students to work forward towards their future. The school performance helps in evaluating the level representation of quality of education. To create a meaningful learning environment the school strives to improve the performance of every student. The performance should be increasingly judged and improvement analysis should provide good outcomes. The evaluation tools help in nurturing the environment and drive meaningful changes. While all this working holds significant importance it is essential to also take care of our health. Good sleep practice and a healthy food diet is important for staying fit. When a person is physically and mentally fit the chances for efficient Outlook and working also increases. The wellness of students should also be considered by a school in day to day life. Fit students are able to grasp topics easily and continuously study regarding the same. Stress free and anxiety free environment helps in boosting the confidence of students.


Strategies for improving school performance can result in a positive atmosphere and developing academic ratio. For looking after academic performance it is essential to have knowledge about all the resources pertaining to the market. Being organised about how the resources should be utilised and kept is essential to save time and workload. Motivating the students to improve their school performance is essential to connect with them. School performance and improvement can be accomplished with good learning habits instilled in the students.  By efficiently delegating the work and making students ready to strive towards success it gets easy to improve the school performance. 


There are many School management softwares and substitutes that help in efficient working and creating a productive environment. To ensure that proper targets are achieved, performance management is essential. The process of performance management is comparatively supportive and developing in nature. With good implementation of policies and procedures a consistent and a goal striving environment can be achieved. 


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