Id card

Mac EDMS helps you save money and time for things that require attention. To make the lives of users easy. We provide our equipped facilities for biometric systems, smart cards and other control access devices that require attention. By reducing the workload upon administrators we aim at automatising the work. For instance it is easy for Mac EDMS to prepare the product in no time due to the data already stored in the system. By providing our timely services we let our clients receive their orders in about a week’s duration. 


Why are our facilities the best?

We provide a wide range of products that can be moulded as per request. The types of Icard we hold are: 

By acknowledging the drastic shift to the digital platform. We provide assistance in the generation of smart ID cards. Now it is easy to record students’ data without manually handling all the information. 

Step up with the trend. Use our services to ensure a smooth functioning module for your Institute. 

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Contact us on: +916351979415

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