Library Management

To improve the literary performance of all the students, the school library management system is used. Reading books helps in collectively increasing the creativity of students and creating a source of knowledge also. With the modern classification the school management software provides a list of all the books available in the library classified according to the subject, genre and author. With the help of multiple book entries students are able to issue the same books irrespective of issuance by someone else. The system also provides an overview of the books available upon the mobile app and management software. The management system also helps in looking after the book issuance request, due dates, late fee charges and keeps account of all the books missing from the rack.


The system helps in keeping records of the performance and activities of the students. It acts as a single platform that operates effectively to cover all the functionalities and tasks performed by the students. Records about the performance of students in examinations, co-curricular activities, attributable events and behaviour patterns are mentioned. By evaluating and analysing the data store regarding the student their progress is determined. For all the dynamic requirements of an Institute student evaluation system helps in generating the result and interpreting the performance ratio. With the help of reports generated from the evaluation system decisions about the performance and promotion to another grade are considered. The student evaluation system helps in the examination management and overall development.

Online finance

Finance is an important aspect for smooth functioning of every Institute. With the help of technology one can facilitate various activities such as planning, monitoring budget expenditure, controlling the flow of money and regulating the profits of the institute. With Mac ERP software one can complete the entire audit process and manage the monetary transactions in a convenient manner. The software eliminates the human errors that may occur in calculating and totalling the expenses of all accounts. IT results to be a one place solution for managing fees, miscellaneous expenses, cheques, deposits and passbook of the institute. The online finance Management helps in generating financial reports and keeping track of all the liabilities that pertain to the business. By analysing the reports generated one can interpret the profits achievable from future goals.

Online payment

Digital fees management is a necessity of every organisation in today’s world. With Mac EDMS it is easy to provide assistance to parents by providing information regarding fee structure, due dates and receipt generation. It provides a substitute to parents for paying fees at their comfort zone. Once the payment is done without the need of any application receipts are generated. The management system helps in generating exact insights and customise reports based upon the data. The reports help in making effective and efficient working decisions by the management. With a secured and protected interface it is easy to make online transactions

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