Careers in Data science

Careers in Data science


Modern tools and techniques play an important role in deriving meaningful information to make business decisions. Data science is the domain of study that deals with algorithms to build predictive models of extracting knowledge and insights. In today’s time data science can be considered as a very Good career opportunity with tremendous scope for advancement. The career opportunity in data science can also be linked to the most promising career in the modern world. With the fastest growing world data science jobs have increased about 650% and so no sign of stopping. With analytical skills it is easy to make decisions and the relocation of sources has helped in increasing demand. 


Data science overview

The importance of using data is widely recognised by various businesses across all industries. It is essential to provide learning base solutions to up-skill business workforce and scalability. In today’s time certified data scientists have emerged as the highest paid professionals with knowledgeable and dignified reputation. To determine the position and repetitive trends of the business a deep analysis of all amounts of data extracted is required. Data scientists help in collecting, organising and controlling various functions that directly or indirectly affect the market. To reduce the level of uncertainty in the market data science is used for activities such as data mining and information sorting. For objectively finding the best suitable solutions it is important to facilitate the resources and organise data. With data science various stars can result to be less time consuming and be cost effective in nature. It can also be said that data has immense potential to change the world. Data driven decisions help in creating better life for people by combating the issues of poverty,  racism and other national issues.  


Career opportunities in data science: 

There are various prospects that come to rescue when you think about a career in data science. Based upon excellence in soft skills and critical thinking, data science training programs can help you qualify for various data science roles. 

  1. Data scientist: A prestigious opportunity that begins by translating the business prospectus into an analytic agenda. Data scientists usually understand the collected data and explore the patterns or trends to measure the impact or future happenings of the business. By finding and choosing the correct algorithms they help in analysing the data for future reference. Solution that helps in mitigating the impact on business analytics of the company. By the trend, data scientists help businesses deal with the effects of working in the corporate environment. 
  2. Senior data scientist: A responsible and efficient data scientist can get promotion to senior data scientist. The senior data scientist is the percent who anticipates what a business’s successful future needs. Did not only gather the important data but also analyse the information with the scalability of resolving high complex business problems. With expertise and experience they are able to develop new standards and create statistical data based upon various designs. They are also referred to in devising tools for further Analysis of data in future. 
  3. Data architect: Careers in data science in India have a wide prospectus of development. Data architects are the one who closely work with system designers and developers to create an efficient data management system. With technology advancement it is essential to have an appropriate data management system. A good data management system is used in centralising, integrating , maintaining and protecting various data sources. Data architects are the ones who provide guidance to users and system designers for creating blueprints of the software. 
  4. Business intelligence analyst: Business intelligence is essential for smooth functioning of every business. A business intelligence analyst helps in using the data to figure out market position and trends pertaining in the scenario. They provide the figures based upon Analysis of data stored. They effectively developed a clear position of where the business stands and the scope of progress. 
  5. Data mining engineers: One of the most important aspects of technology advancements is data mining. Data mining engineers not only examine the business data but also inculcate information about market position categorically. They create sophisticated algorithms to analyse the data to its optimum and create better utility solutions. Essentially a business cannot survive in the present scenario without data mining engineers. 
  6. Machine learning engineer: Operators with strong statistics and programming skills that have well to do knowledge about software engineering. Machine learning engineers basically create data fornals and a main delivering Software solutions. This prospect in data science is an advanced degree that facilitates designing and building of machine learning systems. They are usually responsible for monitoring the performance and functionality of systems sorted. 
  7. Application and Enterprise architect: Application architect is the person who tracks the behaviour of applications used within the business. They keep data about how the apps interact with each other and with the users. They mean focus lies on designing the architecture of applications from both user interface and infrastructure components. While the enterprise architect is the person who is responsible for aligning the organisational strategy to the technology needed for execution. With complete understanding of the business and its technology enterprise architects are responsible for meeting the needs of business. 
  8. Statistician: Collection, analysis and interpretation of data is essential to identify the trends in the market. Statistics provide all the necessary information to an organisation for efficient decision making. The main activities performed by them are communicating all the necessary findings to the stakeholders, collecting data processes and information, advising the organisation strategy to the members. 

There are a variety of popular data science courses that can be done to pursue careers in data science in India. 

  1. Data scientist association certificate
  2. Certification in business analytics
  3. Certification of professional achievement in data sciences
  4. Certificate analytics and information management
  5. Data mining and application graduate certificate
  6. IBM certified data architect- Big data
  7. Oracle business intelligence Foundation suite 11g certified implementation specialist
  8. SAS certified big data professional
  9. Biomedical data science graduate certificate
  10. EMC data scientist- advanced analytic specialist.

Careers in data science in India have shown a remarkable upward Trend in today’s time. Data science is used in almost every field nowadays from security to personal secured apps. The government and businesses have to rely on data science to successfully serve better services to their customers. Breaking into the field of data science is as exciting as the challenges that need to be overcome. For upliftment of every business employer are seeking data science and Data analytics for an experiential learning experience. 


To clean insights from a lot of information data scientists are required. With constant evaluation of statistics, quantitative reasoning and computer programming skills data scientists use the technology to create an optimum utilisation of enterprise advanced analytics. With the increasing recognising value of professionals in this expertise there are a white range of organisations looking for prospects. Tech startups, government agencies, research institutions and large multinational companies are looking forward to developing their expertise in this field. 


Does a career in data science provide you with a good package? 

Data science as a career prospectus with deficiary complex and unstructured data from various sources. To fit all the content in the database perfection and specialisation is required. Data science provides a good salary package for job seekers. The average pay scale for a data scientist is about Rs 6,98,412 per annum. Why an entry level data scientist can get approximately 5 lacs per year package. With experience the expectation rate may increase. Thus data science serves as a good source of income even for the freshers. 


To become a data scientist there are various skills that are required: 

  1. Programming languages such as Python, SAS, SQL, Hive and R are required to be known as a specialised data scientist. 
  2. Statistics, mathematics, algorithms and machine learning knowledge are required for smooth and efficient management.
  3. For effective and smooth communication proper communication skills are essential. 

Data science is helping to shape the future of the economy. With advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics it is easy to automate the manual monotonous chores. By changing the working environment, data science technology has made it easier to pursue critical thinking and cherish problem solving roles. With the growth of data science itself is evolving. A wide range of skills have been put to leverage data and make better strategic decisions. Considering the factors of human behaviour and a tendency to change, data scientists usually perform their task. .Career in data science in India has a good scope of opportunities due to its advancing nature. 


Being an important part of the formative stages of development data science has shown self supporting discipline and evolving complementary skills. With the high rate of professionals pursuing data science as a career the revolution of science and industries is emerging effectively. With the more focus on data driven analysis data science helps in information and statistical sciences for upliftment of a community. Even from the perspective of an economy, data science helps in managing and collecting performance measures to ensure that an improved decision and policy development occurs. These analyses may help in improving engagement, performance and even boost the revenue earned. 


It is believed that by the end of 2026 there will be about 11.5 million jobs in data science and analytics established in the market. Data science will be essential to add value to any business who wants to flourish in the market with high insights. 

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