Improving Teacher Performance

Improving Teacher Performance 

Ever wondered how life would be without teachers? Imagine having all the resources in hand but no guidance about its usage. The role of teacher is rather very important for the development of the society. Teachers deliver education to students and cultivate various values for a better learning environment. By shaping the future of students right from kindergarten to University they help in developing skills and growing forward. Teaching is a skill that is learned and with various practices strives to improve the skills of the students. 

For a better learning environment and progessive educational system the performance of teachers plays a major role. To keep up with the latest trends and techniques pertaining to the market it is essential that teachers strive towards development. Teachers are responsible for addressing the needs of students and delivering adequate sources of information. Thus the performance of a teacher affects the learning process of students and the success rate. It is important to keep a track on teacher performance and behavioural pattern. By assessing the performance we can also gather knowledge about the observable outcomes of development or loss. It helps in tracking down the educational goal of students. Their actions, attitude and behaviour helps in understanding the immense influence they lead on a student’s progress or failure. 

To accurately assess the performance various teacher performance improvement plans are persuaded. The best possible way out of the options is still not cleared as it is highly debatable and depends upon the organisational environment. There are various variables that are considered while deriving the improvement plan. Factors such as:

  1. Qualification of Teacher
  2. Teacher’s methodology and resources utilised.
  3. Opinions of students about teacher’s traits.
  4. The mode of learning environment and its implication.
  5. Modifications brought by the teacher in previous years

To mandate effectiveness in the learning environment it is the duty of principal and board to ensure that performance of educators is flourishing.  To achieve the desired learning objective there are some traits that a teacher must adapt. Rather it can also be considered as areas of improvement for teachers in order to deliver their education to its optimum. 

  1. Ability to stay Positive: A positive attitude of teachers helps them to keep the students engaged and focused. To ensure a high rate of return the teacher must be enthusiastic, committed and key towards fostering a healthy environment. For the adequate development of a student it is important that teachers provide a positive impact while imparting education. 
  2. Patience: To deal with the students it is important that teachers know how to stay patient. While imparting knowledge they must consider the fact that students may come from a different mindset. Important to step in when the students show the ability to respond to the new source of information. They must try to find new approaches to deal with the students and impart education effectively. 
  3. Should have clarity: There’s no point of keeping a complex subject matter. Teachers are required to understand the concept and deliver simple and clear messages to the students. They must try to make students familiar with the information by using visuals like presentations, diagrams , charts, interactive online sources and fun examples. Before starting with the chapter teachers are required to consider the following aspects: 
  • Learning goals that need to be delivered
  • Schedule and flow chain of how to achieve the goal
  • Expectation set from the students
  • Evaluation criteria for the analysis of student performance
  • The fundamentals of feedback about improvement 
  1. Flexibility: Teachers must be adaptive about the learning environment. A good teacher is well aware about the needs of students and uses various teaching methods to make the session productive. In order to look after the academic success of each individual they assess and address the problems faced by individuals. 
  2. Motivator: By providing a positive environment the teacher must encourage and stimulate the students to learn good traits. The foster and active participation environment among the students to develop interest in the subject matter. They strive towards promoting the ability to develop self confidence with a goal oriented success. 
  3. Innovative: In order to establish a creative environment it is essential that teachers have various innovative teaching methods that can be used. To develop the interest of students in the subject matter it is essential that teachers find creative resources to stimulate the best learning experience with fun and imagination. Being innovative will lead to students being focused on the task and utilising the resources effectively. A fun learning environment never fails to capture the students’ attention and encourage them to study. 

To achieve high learning outcomes teachers must be able to assess the students effectively. With a multitude of perspectives about the subject matter, the teacher must be able to guidance based upon various concepts and ideas. Before providing that knowledge it is essential that the teacher at that show the material and with full grass of the new information create the ultimate purpose. They should be the master of the structure of the particular subject they are imparting. This will help them in problem solving and enquiry received in order to get deeper knowledge about the content. To access the data effectively they are required to make explicit ideas connecting to one another. Proper delegation and course of action can be achieved if the teacher is organised with the content, material, strategies and activities in correspondence to the time. With a proper lesson plan and well conducive teaching process teachers can make various improvisations for a better indulging environment. A good lesson plan must have detail description of: 

  • The topic that students need to learn
  • The procedure that will be carried out complete the topic
  • Specific goals that need to be derived out of the study plan
  • Assessment about the goals set previously

With a thoughtful lesson planning teachers are likely to be less stressed and more confident about managing the classroom. It is one of the most important tools for improving teacher performance by focusing on aspects that need to be delivered in order to meet a student’s needs. Lesson Planning can be termed as the core of a successful teaching environment with an outline of all the learning objectives and expectations. There are various other tools for improving the teacher’s performance in response to the students’ capability. Such as: 

  1. Building trust and faith to ensure an open safe learning environment. 
  2. Ensuring good communication for better flow of thoughts.
  3. Good mentoring to encourage engagement and motivation. Cater a driven and engaged attitude for progress through consistent efforts.
  4. Classroom management ability to improve the capabilities and reduce the struggle faced by students.
  5. Adequate tools and resources to present the knowledge and skills accurately. To facilitate the adequate development of the teaching learning process by carefully selecting resources to reach the academic goals. 
  6. Good team bonding and collaboration with colleagues. To ensure a healthy environment and enhanced ongoing process of delivery.
  7. Effective communication leads to necessary feedback. With proper knowledge of learning needs and struggles faced, feedback can help in reflecting the learning process in terms of efficiency and productivity. This leads to enhancement of both teachers efficiency and students’ learning environment. It helps the teachers in receiving insightful gains about the classroom performance and strengths. 
  8. Developing expectations and fostering student success for catering the classroom culture.
  9. The ability to reflect personal traits is the fundamental for continuous improvement of skills. With the help of self reflection, teachers must be able to identify and evaluate their assumptions based upon their teachings in order to make necessary adjustments in future.
  10. Risk taking ability: By using various ground breaking teaching methodologies teachers must drive towards the actual advancements and ensure a progressive development. Nothing is gained without risk taking, with a wide range of educational aid teachers who must drive to change the techniques and not stick to the old ways of imparting education. Famous tape out of their comfort zone and encourage new ideas and possibilities to develop a richer learning environment. 

There are various skills that make a teacher equipped. Some of the qualities of a good teacher are adaptability, empathy, good communication skills, ability to listen, patience and encouragement towards a collaborative environment. To install a lifelong learning environment a good teacher is required to put value in Real world learning as a source of classroom presence. Effective teaching is received in exchange of best practices and a reflective environment. A great teacher acknowledges the problems of students and provides solutions to the adversity phase outside the classroom effectively. By providing meaningful professional development a good teacher strives towards developing skills rather than just imparting knowledge. With continuous efforts they ensure that the students learn the lesson in creative ways to foster the learning base of educational life.

A good teacher is ready to take risks and has a positive attitude towards every hurdle faced. The teacher improvement plans are only successful if the teacher has the determination to overcome barriers and provide the best learning experience to the students. The quality of teaching must be constantly enhanced in order to create a high developing module. The most important part of teaching is having dedication thus for improving the performance of teachers it is important that they feel motivated to impart knowledge. Teachers not only coaches and mentor the students but also help in shaping the academic goals of students by finding their points of interest. 

Teachers are an imperial part of the Educational Institute. They play an important role in shaping the future of students by imparting knowledge and teaching every important aspect of life. In order to improve the school performance the school must ensure that they have good and efficient teachers who could strive towards better student performance. 

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