Use of AI in Education Data Management system: In context of Education & ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence is a step forward towards technology. Over the years we have foreseen various technological advancements in the Education Industry. ChatGPT is going to bring significant change.

Being an Educational Data Management company, we believe that the dynamics are already affected. For better or worse, AI is here to stay. Last year in November 2022, ChatGPT was launched. Post that it has been an amazing journey. Now one can simply type a question or subject and ChatGPT will automatically revert a full fledged answer. While for students it’s the best suitable option, for teachers it may come across as a bar for problems. Wondering how?

Students nowadays use ChatGPT to find answers, write research papers and do all the academic study. Yes, it does save time but at the same time it breaks the chain of thoughts for the students. They won’t put efforts in studying the topic and just search for details on Open AI. For teachers it may result to be cumbersome to identify if students have done it by themselves or with help of artificial intelligence. Being a software company we understand the dynamics of AI usage.

Is it predicted that in future there will be IT solutions to help teachers identify students’ work? The question is still in a blurry vision. Looking at the apex recognition it is understood that more than 65% of the population are already using AI for their work.

Artificial Intelligence helps us to automate the working module. ChatGPT will help the working team to improve query performance and enrich the data with accuracy. Use of a comprehensive system will help in saving time and generating leads efficiently. AI when combined with Data Management Systems such as Mac EDMS will help in improving overall efficiency. Teaching methodologies have always seen adverse changes in the longer run. While using software solutions to create a seamless working experience, various schools can now opt for ChatGPT to write scripts and circulars at ease. Though one needs to verify the data they write as AI will provide data based upon the information they receive and it may lack a human touch.

People often wonder if AI is going to replace them, but it is foreseen that people who have the knowledge of AI will replace them. In order to acquire gains and increased revenue use of AI will be beneficial.

Mac EDMS is a school software that has robust IT based features that are developed keeping in mind the curriculum and work lifestyle. It is an artificial intelligence software that has the ability to do more than just normal software. It helps you acquire better efficiency even better than the human mind. It creates an excellent platform that helps school administration nurture the student-teacher relationship. More likely it helps you lead a professional and progressive relationship between teachers and parents by using IT solutions.

More likely, the School Data Management system and Artificial Intelligence collectively results in loads of benefits. It will help the IT sector bloom the new-age technologies and lead better inventions in the Education sector.

Mac EDMS school ERP software will help the schools to use an interactive layout of modules that match with the school curriculum and can be customised based upon need and importance. You can generate real time decisions at ease with AI influenced software.

As we know that, we live in a competitive world where companies try their best to stay at the top. After ChatGPT various other companies have developed their own AI mechanism. This will not only affect the Education sector but the whole world.

The future of AI is really exponential and it will have a direct impact on all the data management systems. AI enabled ERP systems will lead to more efficiency and detailed solutions.

Thus, in conclusion Mac EDMS will help you in performing all the tasks, analysing data, and providing insights to let the school organisations make better productive decisions. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and with the productive use of it, one can execute all their tasks.

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