E-Class Education System

E-Class Education System

A revolutionary learning system that is based upon formalised teaching and electronic resources. E-Learning education can be based inside or outside the classroom. It mainly requires use of computers, digital instruments and proper network connection for imparting education. E-Class learning helps in dealing with the stress and difficulties arising everyday in the education system. It provides a better learning environment for students with the perspective of clear visuals about education. 

E-Learning can be termed as a network that is unable to transfer skills and deliver quality education to many at the same period of time. With various advancements there is a remarkable rapid progress in the technology. During the pandemic books were gradually replaced by electronic education material and importance of place in classrooms were shifted to virtual classrooms. It has served to be the best medium to step ahead of the traditional approach followed before. The E-Class education system is beneficial as proof by research. It is termed that humans are more likely to remember things that they see or hear rather than learning from books. Students find moving pictures and videos catchy and easy to accept. It holds the attention and humans are able to retain the knowledge for a long period of time. Various sectors have acknowledged the importance of technology based learning and set up measures to adapt with the concept of progressive nation. 

Importance of E-learning: 

Online learning platforms help in enhancing the chances to uplift skills and gain knowledge periodically. The main importance of e-Learning is that it has the students and teachers to acquire advanced skills and strive towards development. 

  1. E-Class education system allows students to focus upon important ideas and prospects. It allows them to concentrate on topics that require a high difficulty level. They can easily compile and organise the material by arranging them into a coordinated way leading to easy flow of thoughts. 
  2. The main benefit of an E-system in education is that it saves a lot of time and money. Students can easily access the content at any point of time and anywhere. The barrier of physical presence is removed and students can gain knowledge at their own convenience. There is no problem of human intervention in the flow of knowledge and does not require a classroom setup for imparting education. During Covid-19 virtual education came to rescue. Educational system was not hindered by the barrier of lockdown rather smooth knowledge was imparted by using online medium of education. 
  3. E-Class education terms to be scalable and create a consistent environment for gaining education. Students are required to fix their schedule and strive towards completing the work. This has increased the determination power and consistent attitude in the students. Not only do they acquire knowledge but also develop skills to sustain in the world. E-Learning has increased the confidence of students as they are motivated to develop skills and focus on overall development. 
  4. By offering a personalised learning environment the virtual platform helps students in finding the best Outlook and focus on developing their skills. With minimal amount of infrastructure expense students are able to learn at their own pace and comfort of home. It also helps in saving travel time and certainly benefits the environment. 
  5. E-Learning platforms have a variety of courses prescribed with them. The students are accountable for their own progress and can select the course as per their interest. With various educational apps it is easy to focus upon progress towards development of career. The democratic education system helps the students in pursuing their dream with the best of skills. There is no age education and e-Learning helps in creating a room for all wanting to study. 

Scope of E-learning methodology: 

An interesting alternative to traditional learning experience has created a momentum of flexible academic scenarios. Popularly known as online learning,remote learning, virtual learning, digital learning, distance education and E-Learning now people of the modern age have access to information for professional success. In this expanding digital age E-Learning helps in revolutionising the knowledge of economy by making education open to all. It is a boon to people who used to face hurdles in acquiring traditional education. With the advancement on a global scale there are a variety of course certification programs to expand the knowledge of students to make a better space in the competitive market. 

In India the main purpose of E-education is to achieve mobility and develop an inexpensive education model. The modern age corporate organisations are also recognising the high level skills of students to sustain in the competitive market. Access to innovative technology helps in mastering the certification programs with masses of creativity and embarked career. It helps in maintaining a proper balance between personal and professional commitments with a pond of opportunities to dive for. The increased potential and internet acceptance has led to a high spread of cost effective electronic learning for the young population. Even the mainstream employers are acknowledging the need of professional programs for skill enrichment. E-Learning provides a flexible time schedule and helps in availing growth in every aspect of life. 

Apps for E-class

  1. Zoom: A good video conferencing app with no LMS feature that acts beneficiary for students as well as teachers for daily lectures. The only drawback faced by uses while using this app was security. Teachers can use Google forms and other similar tools to distribute assignments and take tests. One can easily schedule meetings using this app and is easily accessible for spontaneous meetings. Due to the flexible and break out rooms function Zoom is considered among the best apps for online classes. 
  2. Google meet: A video conferencing app that lets you attend unlimited meetings throughout the day. It is mainly used for conducting classes and serves as a decent forum for interaction with the students. Live capture is made easy by the functions installed in this app, teachers can easily share screens and make use of the study material available with them. Due to its easy to use interface it is one of the best apps for online classes.
  3. Cisco WebEx: The web conferencing medium that is used for unified communications all around the world. It helps in enjoying a rich meeting experience with background noise cancellation and integrated audio system. Facility of content sharing makes it easy to conduct classes on this platform. It offers a secure environment with stable video conferencing solutions. The best part about this app is that even if you exceed the duration of the meeting nothing will happen and the host ends it. Maximum running time for Cisco WebEx is 24 hours. Thus it is one of the best apps for conducting online classes
  4. Microsoft team: A great option to conduct meetings with several team features available with the paid Microsoft 365 plan. It is one of the best apps for conducting online classes in the case of professional Outlook. It has instructional hotel screen sharing facility and audio visuals right in the hand of the host. Thus it acts as a good platform for imparting education to the students. 

Online education has a tremendous scope in defining clear learning objectives and focus on development. The implication of digitalisation has helped in converting the conventional classroom based instructions into immersive online sessions. It enables in creating a fundamental Outlook for progressive environment with an infinite number of materials for various occasions. It creates a learning process that takes rapid and convenient advancement for the accommodation of flexibility. It has completely transformed the way education was imparted, by making it simple, easier and more effective E-Class learning has resulted in advantages for the students. Even the National Education Policy strives towards creating and communicating new training, policies, concepts for a formal education environment with better skill ability. Being a high eco friendly way of learning has helped in retaining information for a longer period of time with improved scores on evaluation. 

Learning is not just an adaptation of change in technology but the redefinition of transmission of knowledge. With better striving objectives and focus perspective, e-learning platforms are able to create billions of knowledge modules. The effective and powerful medium has helped in enhancing the ability to learn and implement skills. The educational progress determined with the introduction of virtual platforms is remarkable. It is striving to work towards bringing learners, experts, practitioners and similar interested people into one single platform. Create a good practice of involving more sense into the educational content for the overall benefit of the society. 

E-class education system is the prospect that teaches various skills and provides the facility for rational decision making.The all time learning environment helps in eliminating efficiency and reach beyond the traditional approach to collaborate better striving atmosphere. It has enhanced the intellectual ability of an individual and helped improve the economic growth of the country.

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