School Automation Streamlining the process of impartment

School Automation: Streamlining the process of impartment


Ensuring efficiency, transparency and productivity is quite important when it comes to the Educational sector. With the help of advanced technologies and automation now more time is available for the teachers to use the resources optimally and provide the best education. With the help of minimal human input now the educational sector can strive towards progress. School Automation is done through a system that is a combination of both software and hardware. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t require human intervention for performing tasks rather works upon inputs and instructions provided. 


Modern education is enhanced with the help of a new solution which is automation. For seamless School management and assistance in creating a centralised database system ERP software plays an essential role. Automation provides a tech savvy learning environment for the students by offering a customised and comprehensive education schedule. For closing the gaps between School management and parents digitalisation has acted as a perfect solution. The day is not far when we witness automation as the new normal for schools. 


School automation software


A web based integrated software that facilitates automation of all key processes of an Educational Institute and manages all the administrative tasks of a school effectively is known as a School ERP software. The software acts as a modern operating system for the education field. Due to the dynamic structure it acts as the all in one solution for all the activities and provides Hassle free environment. Such advanced modules enable the administrators and educators to digitalise the working and manage duties simply. Software used by a school plays an important role in enhancing the growth of the institute.  


Enabling a school automation software does not mean replacing the traditional process rather complementing the process. It provides an algorithm that outlines a sequence of required tasks to be completed automatically. The algorithm is formed in such a way that it supports step by step instruction and an environment free from human intervention. The administration department usually faces a bulk of repetitive time consuming tasks. To manage all the processes as efficiently as the value automation is the only key idea. By keeping administrative processes running one can ensure a lot of time to be saved. Deploying automation ensures relief from manual paper work routine. School automation software helps in developing meaningful and close relationships with the teachers, parents and students. Education automation software is used for various activities at instance. School management software performs various repetitive tasks such as tracking attendance and vehicles, grading, scheduling and report generation. The ERP software helps in challenging the existing technology and creates a shift of responsibility of teachers from the monotonous task to the areas of concern. 


Tools and techniques for school automation


There are a variety of tools used to create an automated working environment. For workflow, process builder and floor builder various tools are created. To simplify the working and make business processes easy to operate such statements come at rescue. The software offers a wide range of benefits such as customising the lesson plans based upon the schedule, status reports and progress marksheet. The learning management system helps in striving for more progress towards development. 


Tools that help in Automating the School management are: 

  1. Learning management system
  2. Student Information system
  3. Classroom management system
  4. Assessment software
  5. Whiteboard software
  6. Account management software
  7. Campus management software

Trying to Automatise the education might result in lots of expenses right now but acts as profit for the long term. There are a variety of leading software companies like Macademic solutions, Vidayalaya, Class campus that help in instilling confidence in the users. They provide after sale services and documentation facilities to reduce the redundancy in working. With the multi dimensional advances now every institute can easily adapt to the user friendly platform and impart education. 


Benefits derived from School Automation: 

Resource efficiency: A good School management software should be designed in such a way that it serves multiple purposes at one place by storing all the important data. The storage allows you to make schedules and facilitate maintenance of the resources efficiently. To create a strong and effective  value for investments one must optimise the resources to its maximum. The management software allows you to dispose of the non concerned data and serve the important viable content at ease.


Increase productivity: The school management platform helps the schools to gather information and generate comprehensive reports easily by optimising the resources and categorising it. The decisions are being taken by considering the reflected report and correspondence gathered from the data stored. With all the monotonous tasks of the administration being automated the administration department will be able to look out for other prospects efficiently. School management software helps in providing the motivation that all the work and information process is reliable and accurate. 


Privacy and security: It is essential to keep the enterprise data protected and secure from breaches and misuse. A good data management software enables features like encryption, tokenization and excessive control over the data storage location. This helps the enterprise to keep the data secured and safe. 


The school Management is based upon nine elements: – Belief and Understanding, Standards, Coordination, Teaching Strategies, Learning teams, community partnerships, Organisation intervention and Home Schools. All these elements should be considered while working on developing software for the school. The school management software plays a very crucial role in the growth and expansion of an institute. It enables promotion of a productive learning environment.


Examples of Automation in Education: 

  1. K8 School: K8 school is referred to as the world’s most affordable and recognised online school for students from nursery to grade 8. It is India’s first recognised online School that is not just providing online schooling due to the pandemic but also works the same normally. K8 school has empowered the discovery of modern education. With more than 125 years of school improvement and excellence k8 is considered to be one of the best E-school in India. 
  2. AOL School: AOL School is a full fledged virtual School that provides a new learning pathway for students. They provide flexible academic programs to support School Education through CBSE and NIOS options digitally. The school claims to provide overall learning experience with the help of innovative online education strategies for betterment. The online portal is considered as one of the best e-school websites in India due to the affiliation and improved outcome as highlighted by the national education policy 2020. It cleans to accommodate 25 students per batch similar to the traditional School batches.
  3. The virtual school of India: A web enabled technology site imparting education through the internet. The E-school provides an advanced digital learning platform for virtual delivery of education. The school rightly understands that virtual schooling is the future of the world and strives to make it a real time experience. The virtual school of India is among the top e-schools in India and has served as a blessing for both parents and students.


Software Company that provides aid for School Automation. 

Macademic solutions: A software development company that works with the vision to provide Robust IT based solutions to educational institutes, politics, pharmaceuticals and many more industries across the world. Macademic solutions aims to provide good quality and cost efficient software products to its clients with a nice turnaround time. 


Mac EDMS by Macademic solutions aim at simplifying the management of academics. They are known for providing IT based solutions to various Educational Institutes. Their product Mac ERP is responsible for providing integrated Software solutions to Educational Institutes for managing their work efficiently. Mac EDMS is an educational data management system that offers a variety of services such as online payment management, finance Management, student evaluation system, library management, fleet tracking system, parent mobile applications and integrated Software solutions. They have created the Mac Classroom that provides the students an interactive learning experience through a virtual platform. The aim at providing the complete control of students to the school and is considered as one stop solution for conducting regular classes. 


Macademic solutions has also come up with the Mac Classroom. Mac Classroom results to be the one stop solution for conducting a smooth and interactive regular class on a virtual platform. It is created with the motive to provide students with an interactive learning experience. Teachers can share material with the students without any hindrance and students avail a vast treasure of books digitally from a range of reputed authors. The software is equipped with a good submission system wherein scheduling and feedback option also prevails. Based upon the online examinations taken, teachers can easily generate reports and students can review their performance instantly. 


During the time of pandemic adoption of automation acted as an added benefit. The role of school management software is to create a good environment for students digitally. The solutions and prospects provided by these softwares have acted as a blessing in disguise. It has helped the educators, parents and students to make collective efforts to create a healthy learning environment. With the time passing by, the virtual classroom has taken the centre of the stage. It has played a vital role in completing the repetitive, rule Based and time consuming tasks without human inputs.  With the benefits one can witness in such a period of time it is easy to say that School Automation is the new normal for the educational world. The officials have understood the importance of digitalisation and have also acknowledged that automation helps in reducing the costs while improving the overall efficiency. 

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