Crisis in Teaching in Current times

Crisis in Teaching in Current times

Life after the Covid Pandemic has caused unprecedented downfall. Envisioning the recovery from the pandemic refers to assessing the crisis faced and creating sufficient learning time. The field of education rightly got disturbed by the emergency faced in the World. The World is facing a learning crisis due to the lack of fulfilment of education. While the access to education has increased the number of schools it must be considered that going to school does not mean studying. 

The main crisis that you face in teaching is the learning poverty wherein students are not learning the fundamental skills needed for life. The education crisis has various impacts such as loss in learning, increased dropout rate and inequality among children. The current issues in the education system may be correct by taking certain actions and measures. Students made directly or indirectly be involved with an experience of trauma or anxiety due to the difficult base of happenings. Majors such like reduced workload, arranging revision sessions and leniency with due dates or adaptation can help in accommodating all the students together.  There are many factors that an educator must consider before interpreting students’ experience. 

  1. It is important to know the perception of the student about how the crisis has affected them or their family personally. 
  2. To understand the nature and perspective of the student it is important to know how they considered others to be affected by it. 
  3. Some of the issues may be important to a separate part of the group thus it must be addressed to them separately. 
  4. For better and successful communication various factors such as institutional and financial must be considered. 
  5. Facilitate and encourage the students to balance the rights and state their ground rules. 

World has faced an education crisis due to covid-19 as schools were shut down immediately. Due to the challenging situation it was difficult for the students to cope up with the uncertainty and learn to plan for the future. The present time is facing a longer term School description as the students are unable to cultivate the sense of purpose within themselves. With the inclination towards the future the education system tries to face the current uncertainties for building learning ideas for education. To combat inequalities pertaining to the market, standardised and widely accessible approaches are important. The teachers used to record the lectures or take it via the virtual platform for removing the barrier of physical presence. For smooth functioning of this approach teachers require support. Various online providers made it easy to access the digital copy of the resource materials to support the digital education initiative. 

Communication is an important part of development. Thus with good relations between the teachers and students it gets easy to overcome the uncertain education crisis. It should be considered that the educational challenges made it critical to strengthen social relationships and peer to peer interactions about various skills. Education crisis due to covid-19 has shown the essence of development in creativity by various countries in terms of mode of education. With various online learning strategies they are reducing the negative impact such crises have on education. With the appropriate strategy and online tools teachers are assured of good lesson planning, video tutorials and virtual classes for imparting education to the students. The social networks and ministry of Education have effectively structured the learning process by using a mixture of media learning with various engagement tools. For social emotional skills and development it is essential for all students to contribute to the society by being critical about conditions pertaining to the market. 

Education crisis due to Covid 19 is directly related to the feeding program complexity.The pandemic has affected the path to a feasible environment and created a longer assumption period for short scenario reopenings. Proper planning is required for flexibility and like ability to evolve as per the situations that may occur for a positive long lasting effect. To support the national education goals the quality of digital skills is foreseen. It is important that parents and the ministry of education together understand the gaps that exist due to the education crisis effectively affecting the future of the education system. To overcome the current issues in the education system it is important that with the sense of urgency the gaps in opportunity and assurance are closed which will enhance the chances of quality education. The future of an educational institute is directly related to the growth and performance of its students. With the help of various measures the performance can be continuously monitored and reports can be generated considering the same.To foster school improvement and frequent monitoring various support systems are designed  by the education ministry of the Country.

With major crises the predictability of school routine and stability has changed. It is important that parents and teachers create a new stable routine for the students in hope of future development. Pulling of skills and resources has shown remarkable progress. The Covid-19 has impacted the budget immensely. Due to lockdown various businesses were shut down and huge losses were faced by families. The monetary condition was greatly affected which indirectly made the teaching environment distressful. The vocational education during the lockdown was based upon the only resource digitally they had. Digital education requires electronic gadgets and data packs. There was a burden of responsibilities that needed to be maintained for learning continuity and engagement. Many students failed to access the digital learning resources because of the barriers at their end. 

The challenges faced by the education sector did not end with the removal of lockdown. The immediate crisis made it sure that this spending on education may be compromised in the near future. Due to travel restrictions various international students faced mobility and increased funds. With high fees there was inequality and lower levels of education provided as a service to the society. The indicators of education were disturbed and the quantitative analysis was difficult to predict. In the context of pandemic the key measures were subject to public spending and economic pressure. Spread of covid-19 sent shock waves to nearly all the sectors of the world. With a strong implication on education various services became beyond the reach of many. About 40% of the students have stopped studying and considered schooling as an unessential part of their life. With the slowdown of economic growth the availability of public fundings for education has declined. 

Impact of Covid-19 on education of students

Covid 19 outbreak has adversely affected students participation and expectations about physical post pandemic outcomes. It has had a long lasting impact on the market prospects of literary graduation of the students. The preference of online learning has created an abrupt change by switching to online medium for various correlated factors. 

  1. Delayed graduation
  2. Loss of attentiveness
  3. Home sickness
  4. Lack moral values and ethics
  5. Loss of ability to take initiative
  6. Difficulty in interacting socially
  7. Demanding attitude
  8. Writing and speaking patterns
  9. Academic performance
  10. Physical and mental stability

The economic crisis affected the education budget and sharply reviewed the prioritisation of education panda mein prevailed. Various support packages were given to the tertiary students by the government for increasing the amount of student loan and additional benefits to cover extra course related costs. Due to the borders being shut down for travelling, higher education in university got affected. The perception and value of a degree was measured by the sense of safety provided by the campus. With technology mediums universities provided substitute for in class time but let the experience of delivery progression and in person learning. Many Universities struggled to deliver instruction assignments and take examinations as per the level of consistency in offline learning. With the proposition of universities getting exposed, digitalisation helps in reinventing the learning environment and creating a development as well as research based education. To contribute to the knowledge production and innovation it became essential to develop skills and deliver mechanisms in the classrooms. 

The education crisis was rightly overlooked with self placed formalised lessons and online support services. The medium provided students with the opportunity to experiment learning based upon personal styles and precision. It was not an easy task to integrate digital tools into the learning patterns but with the readiness to accept the change and continuous professional development the practices were rightly controlled. Now the main benefit that was undertaken due to the pandemic was that there is a common proficiency admission test that a student needs to qualify for getting admission in any university. Due to this there is no inequality that may persist into the market. Students will be able to get admission in colleges as per their excellence and capability. 

The current issues in the education system are critical and affected the role of education systems vocationally. By renewing the awareness of professional value the society flourished. Though the outlook is still uncertain but with the efforts made it can be considered that we paramount all the activities was good. With the descriptive implications on education the nature of collective and systemic responses have been determined. The education crisis rightly tested our ability to deal with large scale problems and strive towards a progressive society. Educational development is soon going to be the heart of planning for evolution and definition of progress of a country. Excellent in education not only refers to scoring good marks but also learning to develop skills and sustain into the market. Mitigation of future skills shortage has helped in leveraging various links between work based and school based components. 

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