How to improve performance of Student

How to improve performance of Student


The successful development of young people and society is achieved through academic excellence. Students who are better organised have a substantial base of knowledge and have better scope to achieve heights in their career. Proper motivation, concentration, prioritisation, organising abilities and time management helps in achieving academic success easily. In today’s healthy learning environment it is important to develop various organisation skills along with academic success. Developing skills ensures that the student becomes self-sufficient and an all rounder individual. Various non academic and performing skills indirectly influence the achievement rate of a student. Skills such as decision making ability and critical thinking are important for smooth functioning of every life. 


Students’ performance is likely to be linked with the positive outcomes they received as an adult. It is likely to happen that students who have achieved academic excellence tend to have stable employment and more opportunities in future. The world is advancing to handle the technological specs people will need for a higher level of education.  To create a good working environment and be able to tackle technology demanding occupations of the future academic success is important. Every school must strive to consider student performance and improvement in their curriculum for excellence. 


The main tool for improving student performance is analysis of class participation. By evaluating students’ contribution to the collective learning environment proper objectives can be established. The quality of the environment of every individual is not the subject of the content but also the delivery and timing of flow of discussion. It is always considered that frequent participation can help in improving the performance by building a sense of confidence and creating reliability for overall performance evaluation. Even from the students point of view, participating in class discussions can help in generating greater Expectations and opportunities for feedback. By facing the real world situations students May create an impact of their participation and enhance that effectiveness on topics. The feedback received from continuous performance evaluation is the tool for improving student performance in the long term. Feedbacks can help the students in enhancing their capabilities for reflection and self assessment. Both evaluative and development has students discovering important insights about their strength and opportunities for improvement in the near future. 


Substantial base of knowledge is not just enough for conquering the world. In order to achieve occupational and economic success specialised skills and training should be acquired. Performance of students in school is not the subject of scoring good marks but also the capability of sustaining conflicts in the real world and focusing on building the best. The National education policy 2020 rightly understands the need for change in the third process of the Educational Institute. Thus focuses upon imparting quality education with a practical approach. Help in retaining the best knowledge and creating a boost for academic performance. Educational Institutes must make sure that the students know how to list down their priorities in order of personal, professional and academic dependency. Organising all the resources and focusing the capacity to clutter out all the hindrance is an important approach to improve academic performance. 


Responsibilities of a student: 

  1. Meeting the academic expectations foreseen by educators and parents. 
  2. Being respectful about the school and educators
  3. Obey the orders of teachers and being punctual about the work
  4. Maintaining the discipline and decorate of class
  5. Describe towards putting the best foot forward
  6. Completing all the assigned work with utmost efficiency. 
  7. Follow all the rules and regulations of the school as well as the education policy.
  8. Keeping the surrounding clean and safe. 

Tips for improving student performance: 

  1. To boost the confidence of students, it is important to encourage them to excel and identify their skills. Teachers must make students believe that they have the ability to improve and flourish in future. Teachers must try to help students find skills and do work upon the skills they were unaware about. The school faculty should also ensure that the students know that they have high expectations surrounding them and have a good scope of improving their skills in the near future. 
  2. Equality is important when striving for good  student performance and improvement. There are various tips for students’ performance improvement but providing responsive advice to the students lies to be the most important of all. It is essential to impart guidance based upon the students abilities and decisions they tend to take. Educators must try to spend equal amount of time with all the students as there should be no discrimination among them. The format of the meeting should be planned in such a way that it encourages all the students to seek help and get 100% clarity about their performance and growth. By providing constructive criticism and conveying advice to them positively it gets easy to boost the morale of the student.  Students react positively when they hear teachers praise thus one must begin with positively affecting the students mind set. And in order to make it work teachers must Praise the students about what they did right before being critical about finding their flaws. 
  3. For smooth functioning and proper knowledge impartation it is important that students receive organised and advanced resources on a daily basis. By using technology to its best teachers can help in providing resourceful knowledge to the students. By instilling good study habits and schedules teachers can help the students know more about their work and pattern. 
  4. To boost the confidence of students, encouraging them to excel and identify their skills is imperial. It is important to create an atmosphere of smooth communication but teachers must consider that they should not be talking about their personal life with the students. As this may lead to being unprofessional. 
  5. Students tend to learn from their teachers’ behaviour. To build trust and smooth working teachers must ensure that the students know that teachers are loyal and true to them. There may be a circumstance when the advice given by the teacher does not work. The teacher should rightly understand and accept that the advice didn’t work in favour. Most people don’t like human beings who act like I know it all. Students will learn loyalty and best outlook from the observations made about teachers. From the future perspective it is essential that the students trust teachers and listen to their guidelines. Even while denying the pertaining situation most of the students are already aware about the mistake made by teachers. 
  6. To begin with the analysis and feedback process teachers must tell the student three things that they did right before critically talking about their mistakes. Acknowledging three good things about the work done will help in motivating the student and making them believe that the teacher is providing a right perspective towards development. After providing a positive impact teachers can give constructive criticism about the mistakes aur subjects that need improvement. Providing a complete guide about how to improve and Excel in the subject will help the student in striving to make it better. 
  7. With strategic planning and formulation teachers can help in improving the academic performance of a student. With topics of interest to the student, teachers can give examples and make the learning process easy. The approach of lovable subjects induced in boring subjects help in completion of chapters and correct full guidance to the students. In case when students are not interested in studying a subject this step for improving student performance can come at rescue. 
  8. To make students understand the importance to improve and show efforts upon the skills teachers can talk about future prospects in the class. To motivate the students to work hard towards achieving their goal you can provide a transition for maximisation of the potential. Emphasis upon the need of a good graduation school and workplace can be showcased to make them understand about the struggle and transition. Teachers can collectively Praise the students to improve and strive towards improving many skills and not just grades. The students must understand that getting good grades does not mean that they have equipped skills and personality to sustain in the market. Teachers must try for overall development and growth of the student. 
  9.  A teacher needs to be a disciplinarian who manages the classroom as it is important to understand the consistency and Outlook before emphasising on any event. It should be brought to notice that one on one meetings should not be under the conduct of strict discipline but rather formally informal. For an effective communication strategy it is important that teachers have a positive frame of mind before getting started with the talk. Positive affirmation will let the teacher Excel the step by step part of providing mindful knowledge to the student. Providing emphasis on a positive impact is crucial for motivating the students to increase their performances. 

An evaluation of the student learning outcomes is typically finding the accurate reflection of a student capability and mastery over the content. Students are an imperial part of an Educational Institute. The role of learners is advancing with the changing Times and the accountability of building a safe learning environment has increased. Every student is encouraged towards increased to improve the academic performance and achievements by striving towards delivery the most optimum and effective Outlook. 


Students are an important part of society. Schools must understand that students cannot live in complete isolation from the community life happening all around them. With effective communication students can help in improving and strengthening the force of society. Students can help in community development by removing illiteracy and creating the adaptability to overcome every crisis faced by the country. 

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