School Management Software A Boon to Educational Sector

School Management Software: A Boon to Educational Sector


School management is referred to as an extensive task that requires continuous monitoring and evaluation of academic progress. For efficient and successful administration various softwares are used by educational institutions. Such softwares aims at helping the educational organisation to automate the administrative task and provide optimal operations. School management can be considered as an important undertaking part of the educational institutions all around the world.


A web based integrated software that facilitates automation of all key processes of an Educational Institute and manages all the administrative tasks of a school effectively is known as a School ERP software. The software acts as a modern operating system for the education field. Due to the dynamic structure it acts as the all in one solution for all the activities and provides Hassle free environment. Such advanced modules enable the administrators and educators to digitalise the working and manage duties simply. Software used by a school plays an important role in enhancing the growth of the institute. 


Need for ERP software in schools


ERP is referred to as an abbreviation for enterprise resource planning. The ERP software helps in streamlining the operations and activities of an institute. As an Educational Institute deals with a multitude of data and information at a moment it is quite important to hold ERP software to process information easily. It is a perfect digital solution that enables you to manage staff, examinations, web portals and administrative activities without Hassle. 


  1. ERP software can be termed as a lighthouse for all integrated Software solutions that require heavy processing of data and information. 
  2. Elimination of barriers and delays caused due to human intervention. As all the necessary information is updated automatically time is saved and impeccable efficiency is served. 
  3. School ERP software helps in enabling timely and creative analysis of data encrypted to facilitate effective decision making. 


Top 10 School management software in India: 


  1. Myclass campus: A Complete school management software that serves as a platform connecting parents, teachers and students. It is a cloud based integrated software that is designed with the machine to serve thousands of schools, colleges and Educational institutes digitally. It aims at solving day to day issues, effective communication, operational and learning methodological procedures. It serves as a complete learning management solution that caters live classes, e assignments, online assessment and recorded video lectures. This school management software lets you leverage the latest options and techniques for digital fee collection. It lets you strive away from cash transactions and avail digital finance wallet channels. There is autofrea receipt generation and acknowledged reports about finance in regular intervals. 
  2. Fedena: A free school management software in India that simplifies the institute’s academic and administrative processes easily. It serves about 200 + countries and is available in about 20 + languages. Fedena aims at providing insightful reports and 360 degree tracking to enable stakeholders to make reliable decisions. Fedena helps an Institute to escalate its productivity by providing full web based ERP software and 24/7 customer support.  Along with onsite and online medium of support the company also offers on demand and webinar based training for help. This software enables you to stay connected with everyone and avail all the daily operations at fingertips. 
  3. Edumaat: Edumaat is an organisation that aims at “Imagine greatness”. It is an enhanced ERP software that tries to automate the educational sector starting from the admission of a student to graduation. It can be considered as one subject place to organise and manage the entire Institute regulation. It provides amazing insightful reports and enables the stakeholders to make better equipped decisions. The company believes in the saying ” one size does not fit all” does this drive the company to avail customised modules as per their preference. This software is available in 100 + languages and thus enables one to use it in the local language. For smooth functioning they provide timely reminders and also support budgeting as well as control.
  4. School Canvas: A course management system that enables educators and students to easily connect and thrive together. The software allows educators to post grades, assignments and information on the portal. School Canvas is an online School management software that allows students to access their course and complete various tasks with the help of a mobile device. The app easily tracks down the grades, active enrollments and course correspondence to enable a smooth and efficient report about students’ performance. School Canvas results to be a free school management software for the students as well as teachers. One can easily leverage the power of Canvas and enjoy a free environment while communicating. 
  5. Campus 365: A user friendly and web based online School management software that provides an integrated medium for automating the entire value chain of organisation seamlessly. This software has a backgage of powerful features resulting in no need for customisation at the end of customer. It is a simple and easy to use interface that requires no expertise for accomplishing tasks. The ERP software enables you to integrate complete operation at fingertips without hurdles. Campus 365 can be considered as the most widely used platform for the k12 education department. 
  6. School Pro: The best school management software in India to manage school administration seamlessly. The software enables you to receive customisable reporting and high quality flexible workflow. The software also has a good hand for support services as it provides 24/7 in case of hurdles or emergencies. The app is rich in functionality and has a robust Data integrity that checks on the functions to empower administration of the school community. School Pro is considered to provide its comprehensive support throughout Australia, Asia and many more. It enables you to boost your efficiency and benefit from the deep integration of commercial finance software packages with the learning management system. 
  7. Vidyalaya School ERP: One of the best school management software that provides solutions for student management. It is an interactive platform where every announcement and news also gets highlighted. An innovative School ERP software developed by sapphire Software solutions that provides unmatched services globally. They tend to provide utmost qualitative and cost efficient solutions on a timely basis. With the SMS feature of the software it is easy to communicate with parents and also circulate administrative notices. The online portal of the school ERP software provides various modules that include information about health, attendance, fees, result, activities and holidays. One can easily access also stored information through the clickbait. Vidyalaya VTS serves as an excellent tool to keep track of the school buses. With this application one can verify the exact GPS location of the bus and also review its speed statistics. 
  8. Gradelink: A cloud based School management software that requires you to be a subscriber. The school provides you with the details of your presence as a subscriber from Gradelink and then you need to avail the free school management software just by downloading it. Schools need to be a subscriber of Gradelink to let the parents download and use it. With the help of this app one can easily view class and assignment grades, any pending works, attendance records and other activities. It is an easy to use platform that helps in generating report cards by managing the time spent on recording enrollment and grades. The school ERP software also holds demographic data about the students. And for smooth functioning one can integrate the software with the Google classroom, Microsoft office 365 and other softwares that add versatility to imparting education. 
  9. Skyward: One of the best school management software in India that provides you an Outlook for the next generation of school administration. It provides a streamlined and simplified experience to empower the educational community to work up to its full potential. The school ERP software contains data regarding the students, administration, finance and municipality as a whole. It accomplishes much more functions on a deeper level to experience the best suited Outlook for the students. The software provides you with all the necessary data and support essentially required to foster efficient culture. With the functionality of the ERP software one also gets the options to access the professional development centre. One can enrol in the self space training courses and Excel in the desired field. This online School management software has served over 2500 Schools, districts and municipalities. They have been serving people since 1980 and thus their experience is manifested in the solutions they provide. 
  10. NLet: SAAS NLet college and school management software intends to provide paperless administration suitable organisation. It beholds various modules and helps in keeping School documents and other vital data safely encrypted. This web based School management software is considered as one of the best ways to deal with the structured and timely success of the classroom. The school ERP software provides a medium for parents collaboration and automated fees management defaulters. The online software helps in creating an error free time table and allocate path to impartation. This is considered to be smart software because it syncs with the live feed of resolution as quickly as it occurs. 


The education industry is known for its unique workforce development and capability to overcome the challenges. Such School softwares helps in enhancing the growth of the Institute. Education is the fundamental right of every citizen and in today’s world of advancements the educational sector is thriving hard to match with the pace. Such School softwares provides a medium for automation and error free impartation. There are various modules within the educational sector and to ease the extensive work experience these smart softwares come to rescue. 

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