Improvement of school performance

Improvement of school performance


To preserve the ability through various challenges it is important that students perform adaptively and grow skillfully. The school performance helps in evaluating the level representation of quality of education. To create a meaningful learning environment the school strives to improve the performance of every student. To face the real world challenges students are often motivated by the activities and actions of the school. For continuous growth and increased participation in school it is essential to understand various tips to improve student performance. 


Tips to improve student performance: 

  1. Praise the students for their efforts: Before being critical about finding their flaws it is important Praise the students about what they did right. Before analysing the work done by the student such as assignments try to praise the students imagination and sincerity. Stressing on negative feedback directly discourages the students from improving an important skill that could help them excel. Try to be as specific as you can before critically emphasising upon the mistakes and errors made by them.  
  2. Try to be positive: Being a disciplinarian who manages the classroom it is important to understand the consistency and Outlook before emphasising on any event. It should be brought to notice that one on one meetings should not be under the conduct of strict discipline but rather formally informal. For an effective communication strategy it is important that teachers have a positive frame of mind before getting started with the talk. Positive affirmation will let the teacher Excel the step by step part of providing mindful knowledge to the student. Providing emphasis on a positive impact is crucial for motivating the students to increase their performances. 
  3. Strategic planning and organising: For private one and one conversation it is essential to formulate an organised plan by mapping the time and intend to meet the students. Before the school year begins it is important to dictate the classroom environment logistics and help students remain respectful about others. The private meetings should be kept on a timely basis for better understanding and delegation of positive opinions. The one on one conversations help the students understand their weaknesses and focus upon strengthening them. 
  4. Guide the students about the plan made: Emphasis upon individual conversations should be focused. At the beginning of the year it should be informed to the students that there will be one on one meetings for conversation and improvement. With the help of such can be ensured that each student improves their academy skills and grows as an individual. Positive impact full conversations with teachers can help in critical thinking, ability to question, speaking and writing skills. The parents should be provided with the information that such conversations are going to take place. It is very important to inform the favourite about a child’s progress and development. For better communication one can post plans about meeting on a website, Facebook page aur WhatsApp communication portal. 
  5. Provide time wise and responsive advice to every student: Equality is important in striving for student performance improvement. There are various tips for students performance improvement but this lies to be the most important as it is essential to impart guidance based upon the correct full abilities and decisions. Try to spend equal amount of time with all the students as there should be no discrimination in one on one meetings. The format of the meeting should be planned in such a way that it encourages all the students to seek help and get 100% clarity about the performance. By providing constructive criticism and conveying advice to them positively it gets easy to boost the morale of the student.  Students react positively when they hear teachers praise; one must begin with positively affecting the students mind set. 
  6. Get accustomed to the habit of listening: Before trying to give advice to the student it is important to know more about them. Teachers must let the student stock before them to get to know about various details, facts and traits of the student. Try to indulge in a conversation full of open ended questions. Students will feel a sense of comfort and will respect you more if they know that the teacher is understanding their perspective. Take important notes of the remembering details and facts about the student for help in future meetings. 
  7. Optimum utilisation of resources: For smooth functioning and proper knowledge impartation it is important that students receive organised and advanced resources. By using technology to its best teachers can help in providing resourceful knowledge to the students. By instilling good study habits and schedules teachers can help the students know more about their work and pattern. 
  8. High Expectations: To boost the confidence of students encourage them to excel and identify their skills. Teachers must try to build high Expectations in the very first meeting and make students believe that they have the ability to improve. Teachers must try to help students find skills and do work upon the skills they were unaware about or need improvement. Teachers must make sure that the students know that they have high expectations surrounding them and have a good scope of improving their skills in the near future. 
  9. Try to be friendly: It is important to create an atmosphere of smooth communication but teachers must consider that they should not be talking about their personal life with the students. To help the students Excel it is important for the Teachers to know about their life but they must not reciprocate it. Teachers must not be talking about personal matters related to the learning process and development of the child as it can be considered as an unprofessional and unethical activity. 
  10. Don’t differentiate and grade: Students perform upon the basis of their understanding and ability to grasp a subject. Teachers must assess individual progress and be specific about the feedback they provide. It is important to know that every student has a different level of understanding and should not be compared with other students’ performance. The previous year or test performance should be kept as the base to analyse the progress and development of the student. Why providing valuable advice and feedback teachers may help the students to improve their performance and work efficiently upon the topics lacking effort. 
  11. Maintain a calm and composed atmosphere: there may be many ways to improve academic performance of a student but maintaining A good environment and composed behaviour is essential. There may be a circumstance when students will disagree with the analysis or advice that you provide but you must handle the situation effectively. You may try to be a little subtle and not be rude or Unprofessional. Teachers must respect the opinion of the student and work for the validity of advice. 
  12. Accept mistakes: Students learn from their teachers. To build trust and smooth working teachers must ensure that the students know that teachers are loyal and true to them. There may be a circumstance when the advice given by the teacher does not work the teacher should writely understand and accept that the advice didn’t work in favour. Most people don’t like human beings who act like I know it all. From the future perspective it is essential that the students trust teachers and listen to their guidelines. Even while denying the pertaining situation most of the students are already aware about the mistake made by teachers. Thus it is good to separate and move away from the suspect ability of being disliked.
  13. Accurate advice: To begin with the analyzation and feedback process teachers must tell the student three things that they did right before critically talking about their mistakes. Acknowledging three good things about the work done will help in motivating the student and making them believe that the teacher is providing a right perspective towards development. After providing a positive impact teachers can give constructive criticism about the mistakes aur subjects that need improvement. Providing a complete guide about how to improve and Excel in the subject will help the student in striving to make it better. 
  14. Encourage questioning and end to end discussions: For a smooth learning environment it is important that you encourage the students to ask questions and project their opinions. By remembering the importance of listening, teachers can convey crucial points to the students with depth of understanding about their perspective. Questioning and discussions is as important as grading the performance of a student based upon examinations. Asking questions helps in generating clarity and focus upon a topic. With good and communicative and to end discussions it gets easy to catch interest of the students in a subject. 
  15. Utilise the interest and love for a subject among students: With strategic planning and formulation teachers can help in improving the academic performance of a student. With topics of interest to the student, teachers can give examples and make the learning process easy. The approach of lovable subjects induced in boring subjects help in completion of chapters and correct full guidance to the students. In case when students are not interested in studying a subject this step for improving student performance can come at rescue. 
  16. Discussions about future: To make students understand the importance to improve and show efforts upon the skills teachers can talk about future prospects in the class. To motivate the students to work hard towards achieving their goal you can provide a transition for maximisation of the potential. Emphasis upon the need of a good graduation school and workplace can be showcased to make them understand about the struggle and transition. Teachers can collectively Praise the students to improve and strive towards improving many skills and not just grades. The students must understand that getting good grades does not mean that they have equipped skills and personality to sustain in the market. Teachers must try for overall development and growth of the student. 


Performance based learning environment helps in high order thinking skills and ability to embrace the real world situations. Teachers must try to make students ready to face practical problems rather than solving textual questions. The gold directed actions based upon skills like motor, process and social interaction helps in engaging skillfully in daily life working. With various ways to improve academic performance it is easy for the school to enable students to work forward towards their future. 

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