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Living in the 21st century has made technology an integral part of everyday life. We have always focused on a teacher centric classroom but with the modern education system traditional methods of teaching are replaced. The shift from whiteboards to smart boards is all due to the advancement in technology. Modern Education helps in making use of the latest features such as virtual platforms, mobile applications and various online apps to make the learning process more engaging and interesting. By implementing the latest advancement as the main source for research knowledge and teaching the education system can flourish. 


The Modern School system is the latest and contemporary version of education provided in learning institutes. The main aim of Modern School is not only to focus on academic flourishment but also to foster critical thinking and skill based learning environments for the students. With a complete curriculum of academic excellence, value education, analytical and decision making skills the upliftment of students is given significance. Modern education system in India was brought by the British colonists in the 1830s. Since then India has always adapted to various shifts in the market. In the 21st century the Modern age education system of India is the new approach of learning from online modules. With educational technology and the New Education policy 2020 various reforms and skill development courses are added to the box of learning. 


Why is the Modern School system important?


To create a progressive environment that differs from the traditional methods of teaching and focuses on skill based learning the Modern School system is important. The focus of such a type of teaching is on the needs of students rather than assuming the level of understanding of every student to be equal. The learning environment is rather practical and focused upon questioning and explaining demonstrations by using collaborative techniques. Provides an immense scope of learning anything, at any time and anywhere. With digital medium being a fast School of knowledge one can easily for National skills and expand their expertise in the field of their interest. There is an immense importance of technology in education in today’s time. With a good functioning network connection and electronic gadget knowledge can be assessed easily. 


Benefits of Modern School system

Modern School is the path that changes the learning methods with innovation and technology. The main advantages of Modern Indian education system are: 

  1. Availability and accessibility: With technology advancements now the education system is more widely available to people from all the walks of life. With virtual streaming and equal learning opportunities students can complete their education without barriers of place and time. The objective of the schools has turned around to be making students ready for the real world. Thus the measures taken for imparting education are similar to meet the needs of students in various working sectors and provide a skill enriched environment. The dynamic module of learning enables students to grasp knowledge easily and turn the interaction rate better.
  2. Focus on developing skills: Morden School in India focuses on enriching the students with emphasis on knowledge and physical development. Drastic and abrupt change to bring a vast area of subjects reflects the demands of the working environment. Modern schooling allows schools to cover various secular subjects with a skill based approach for driving academy strengths. Indian culture is rightly included in the curriculum of schooling and the syllabus pattern may change from time to time to reflect the advances made by the world. Modern Education encourages students to participate in various physical activities and improve the overall efficiency by focusing on development. The environment helps students to become more social and interactive by following a part of indigenous screening and schedules. 
  3. Flexibility: With a digital learning environment it is easy to create an effective learning module. Well there are a list of challenges driving towards the country. The Indian education system has made it clear that the flow of education should not be hindered. Schools and colleges have started to offer online and supplementary classes to allow the students to learn at their own pace. With flexible schedules now students are taught to manage that time effectively. With a consistent and synchronised schedule students are able to learn digitally and acquire knowledge. With easy accessibility of education at any time and anywhere the literacy rate has drastically increased. The screening classes and lectures provided by modern education allows the students to become rather punctual and consistent. 
  4. Technology based learning: Technology is an imperative part of the educational sector. Now schools can easily leverage the automation technology for ease of working of the school administration. There are a variety of school administration softwares like Mac EDMS to help schools adapt to the changes and create a hassle free environment. Such softwares helps in digitalising the school systems and reducing the workload on administrators. The Educational technology industry is a medium for accessing good quality online education all around the globe. With the help of the internet students can easily understand difficult topics and cherish the subjects of their interest. It is believed that technological advancement is going to grow three fold within the next 7 years of establishment. 

Main changes brought in by the Modern education: 

  1. Smart education: With technology and an interactive process of teaching and learning installed in the Education Curriculum there is an immense scope of learning anything. India has about 560 million internet users using technology as the medium of transmission. Altho it is considered as the second largest Market in the world there are about 30% of Indians still facing difficulties with adaptation of technology. To contribute to a successful learning environment various factors play an important role. The school performance and learning intensity also helps in classifying modern learning environments as smart education. 
  2. Assessment: The changes brought into the learning approach is termly considered as the unique aspect of imparting education. The introduction of the grading system has helped in providing students with an overview of the knowledge and understanding about different subjects. The advance marking pattern helps the teachers to identify areas of lacking and focus on determining better performance of students. With school management softwares it gets easy for the students to identify the subjects that need more attention and projects true growth in the respective sectors. To improve the engagement of students, practical application of concepts is important with proper assessment tools students are prepared for the real world. Determination of teaching methods is based upon the analysis of everything that happens in different life spheres periodically. 

Modern education system is mainly delivered online. The independence of learning methods and self directed optimisation towards academic goals helps in determining the visuals of progress. The learning environment is rather a student centred system. The modules are helpful in providing students with improved and deep knowledge about areas of their focus. Modern School can result to be cost efficient as it eliminates the expenses of travelling and classroom. With appropriate technology infrastructure it becomes easy to gain education at your own convenience. 


How to create a foundation for Modern education:

The foundation of building a Modern school is not only based upon fancy technology but also advanced learning spaces. To create an effective modern Education environment three thinking the foundations of teaching is important. There are 6 main elements that are required to create an equipped foundation of modern education. 

  1. School’s mission statement: Mission statement is basically the summary of the goal and core values of the school. To reflect the efficiency and current needs, revising the mission statement is important. The mission statement of the school should reflect the needs of the students, goal of emphasising on skills rather than just imparting knowledge and creating an interactive interface. Mission statement reflects the capability and working environment of the school. A good mission statement provides knowledge about the school’s principles, adaptability, innovation, tolerance power , humanity and environmentalism. 
  2. Education model: To create an effective environment for imparting education a proper educational model should be selected. Based upon the goals and challenges faced by the contemporary education system, schools can select a model from freedom based learning, critical pedagogy, integral education, interdisciplinary and based learning, inquiry based learning etc. Adaptation to the change brought into the world is quite important while selecting the educational model. 
  3. Assessment pattern: For the holistic development of student schools are required to select an accurate assessment module. Based upon the learning process and well rounded educational environment there are different types of assessments that a school can select. To create a balance of different assessment methods for assessing students ability to succeed outside the formal educational learning environment various methods and designs are used. 
  4. Technology integrated learning environment: Modern education requires proper technological integration for uplifting drastic shifts in education. With various Ed-Tech innovations it gets easy to develop fresh teaching techniques and automate various monotonous tasks. For increased scalability and optimum utilisation of resources, technology helps by creating functional improvements to the learning environment. 
  5. Infrastructure abilities: With advancement it is important to integrate various designs into the learning environment. With modern education it is essential to have classrooms channelled with digital gadgets. Proper network connection and training to the teachers makes it easy to impart education to the students. Considering the future of education the campus should be designed in such a way that it is able to deliver real time insights and a safe environment. 
  6. Focus on future development: The main aim of every Educational Institute is to prosper and create a name in the market. With the motive of receiving a good education students select schools for finding great opportunities in the future. A Modern School should be able to help the students gain efficiency and knowledge for an uplifting future. The accessibility of the future of work for the students will help in guiding them to find a great career in the future. Thus schools must integrate skills that are needed to excel in a career in future. 

With systematic changes and multi layered system integrations the whole education system is developing towards modern schools initiative. Modern education system is the new approach of learning brought in the 21st century that will lead to skill development and personal growth. 

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