E- School The new normal of Education System

E- School: The new normal of Education System


In today’s modern World Education plays an essential role in moulding a person’s personality. Education is the process that facilitates transmission of cultural heritage and knowledge from one generation to another. At times due to many occurrences the impartation of education physically gets hindard. But we must not forget that to have a stable and stimulating community education must be imparted. E-school has served as the need of the hour. With e-schooling now people can significantly contribute to the families and also the society in various aspects. 


E-education refers to the impartation of education or training by electronic teaching methods. One can access the teaching materials with the help of a computer or smartphone by using the internet. In India e-learning is considered to have significant benefits over the traditional method of delivery of education. There are a variety of e-schools in India that deliver education and professional certificates courses. One can attend various online training courses to enhance their career and grow as an individual. 


What are e-classes? 

An online course that provides an engaging learning experience outside the traditional classroom environment are called e-classes. During pandemic when there was complete lockdown, e-classes acted as an effective way to encourage quality learning and personal accomplishments. 


Benefit of E-Schools in India: 

  1. E-Schooling can prove to be a value for money option for people due to its cost effective nature. Unlike the traditional method of classroom education one need not bear the infrastructure and maintenance cost while opting for e-learning. 
  2. E-school removes the barrier of physical presence. It is a type of e-Learning that facilitates accessibility and flexibility. A student does not need to physically be present in the class, rather one can access the lecture from anywhere. Remote learning is beneficial and functional for people facing the issue of travelling down to the location. 
  3. As e-schooling can be accessed from anywhere the time spent on travelling down to the location is saved. E-Schooling can either be live or pre recorded and is certified just like the Other modes of teaching. 
  4. E-Schooling promotes emotional stability as the traditional classroom is a heterogeneous mix of students. For numerous reasons the introverts and naive students are unable to voice out their thoughts, they may feel suppressed. E-Schooling allows each child to freely express, create and clarify the thoughts making the students emotionally stable and strongly opinionated. With e-schooling a child will be able to work at his/her own pace and excel in various extracurricular activities. 


E-Schools in India

The Indian government has always acknowledged each child’s ‘Right to Education’ and has made sure that homeschooling is legal in India. Home based learning promotes exposure to real life experiences and also encourages one to solve ground level problems.


Best E-School websites in India

  1. K8 School: K8 school is referred to as the world’s most affordable and recognised online school for students from nursery to grade 8. It is India’s first recognised online School that is not just providing online schooling due to the pandemic but also works the same normally. K8 school has empowered the discovery of modern education. With more than 125 years of school improvement and excellence k8 is considered to be one of the best E-school in India


Its website is designed in such a way that all the problems are easily answered. There is no such confusion while searching for content over here as a detailed view of all the key points about the institute as already mentioned. K8 has stated clearly that they provide the world’s best International curriculum and the Teachers are holding American certification. The website is supported by an easy to use mobile app and one can access full video and activities by just clicking on the screen. The e-School strives to enrich each student with equipped knowledge and improved personality. To ensure that each child gets the correct proportion of attention a maximum of 15 students are assigned in one class. This e-school in India as it holds students from 100 + cities and aims in making students independent, smart, intelligent and all rounder. 

  1. AOL School: AOL School is a full fledged virtual School that provides a new learning pathway for students. They provide flexible academic programs to support School Education through CBSE and NIOS options digitally. The school claims to provide overall learning experience with the help of innovative online education strategies for betterment. The online portal is considered as one of the best e-school websites in India due to the affiliation and improved outcome as highlighted by the national education policy 2020. It cleans to accommodate 25 students per batch similar to the traditional School batches. IITians play a significant role in the class design. The website of the school claims that the classes are designed by iitians and addresses an element of unique learning needs of different types of students. 
  2. 21K school: The online School provides varied schooling programs for students with a promise of added touch of online events around the year. The E-school works upon the British edexcel curriculum and the fee structure is based upon the same. Through the core curriculum design 21 k School offers a skill based department of education. It provides a flexible study option for broad educational goals. 21 k wisely uses technology in tracking the performance of students. And without the need for much human intervention identify the spots that require attention. The website of the e-school is designed in such a way that it is considered among the top three best E-School websites in India. 
  3. The virtual school of India: A web enabled technology site imparting education through the internet. The E-school provides an advanced digital learning platform for virtual delivery of education. The school rightly understands that virtual schooling is the future of the world and strives to make it a real time experience. The virtual school of India is among the top e-schools in India and has served as a blessing for both parents and students. The website has all the source options ranging from summer camps to NIOS related schooling. This academy of excellence is assessed under the Cambridge International education and provides a good option of recognised boards.
  4. Cyboard School: Cyboard, one of the best e-school in India, works on an innovative schooling idea for 21st century skills. The learning management system of the e-school is powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and is considered safe for the holistic development of a child. The website is easy to use and anyone irrespective of their age can easily adapt to the UI interface. The portal uses a variety of methods, tools, techniques and designs to access the growth of a student. With the help of core features of the app teachers can easily access students’ overall report and upload it on the dedicated dashboard. The board provides an ultimately unique technology enabling parents to educate the child at the comfort of home. 


Best apps for online classes: 

There are various online teaching apps that make it easy for schools to impaired education online. During the pandemic the most used apps for taking online classes are: 

  1. Zoom: A good video conferencing app with no LMS feature that acts beneficiary for students as well as teachers. The only drawback faced by uses while using this app was security. Teachers use Google forms and other similar tools to distribute assignments and take tests. One can easily schedule meetings using this app and is easily accessible for spontaneous meetings. Due to the flexible and break out rooms function Zoom is considered among the best apps for online classes
  2. Google meet: A video conferencing app that lets you attend unlimited meetings. It is mainly used for conducting classes and serves as a decent forum for interaction with the students. Live capture is made easy by the functions installed in this app, teachers can easily share screens and make use of the study material available with them. Due to its easy to use interface it is one of the best apps for online classes.


Best online learning apps available:

  1. Byju’s: An online learning app that not only focuses on school going education but also caters the path for competitive exams. Though the courses cannot be availed for free there is a facility for free trial and provision of scholarship programs for students from classes 4 to 12. The app provides real time reports and one can get one on one guidance from experts for easy doubt resolution. 
  2. Khan academy: One of the best apps for online classes that aims to build a strong conceptual understanding of the desired topics. It is a free learning app that gives assistants for maths and science content along with a range of competitive exams such as IIT, NEET, CAT, GMAT etc. It has a huge video library and acts as a not for profit platform. 
  3. Vedantu: A live learning app that supports premium content for classes 1 to 12 and various competitive exams like IIT, NEET, Bank, CAT, GMAT etc. There are a variety of co curricular courses that one can out for while studying the regular course of action. The app provides aid to attend all India mock tests online and analyse the performance based on it. 
  4. Unacademy: An online educational app that provides a wide range of development courses for growth and enrichment. The courses available on the app are paid but there are a few courses that one can study and utilise online for free. Unacademy is best suited for competitive classes and live mock tests. Overall unacademy serves as one of the best apps for online classes and is worth a look out. 
  5. Udemy: An online learning and teaching platform that has about 185000 courses prescribed under it. Udemy is not an accredited institute so this certificate gathered from here is not legally valid. Though they are a good source for adding keywords in the resume. Udemy works with the mission to improve the lives of students by delivering affordable skills and training easily as well as effectively. 


Progressive education is the ultimate response to the traditional methodology of imparting education. With E-Schooling the formal learning is processed and more focused strain is put upon the experience learning. It is rightly said that the students learn from their own experience. With such a vast variety of well resourced digital platforms, education is not just about giving knowledge but also providing a path to progress and personal development. 


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